About Us

Everything we witness under the sun in the modern age has its ancient root, so is SKIN CARE, which finds mention in ancient Ayurvedic texts. Surprisingly, despite various scientific researches, devising innovative skincare procedures in modern times, the natural methods used in ancient times for it (skincare) by handpicked herbs, have an upper hand, is now donning a new avatar.

In line with the ancient Ayurvedic regimen, we, MPG Brands Private Limited (Formerly known as TNW International Pvt Ltd). present to you the skin care products in the modern envelope. We are a pioneering skincare producer known for our natural products, which are formulated with the ingredients taken directly from Mother Nature.

Essentially, everyone wishes to have a pampered, healthy and flawless skin, but in the rat-race of survival, it often takes a back seat. This is the juncture where MPG Brands Private Limited (Formerly known as TNW International Pvt Ltd) steps in and connects all the missing dots that ensure your holistic skin-health, serving you with a substitute of a salon-like effect for all skin types.

Banking on Ayurvedic modality, MPG Brands Private Limited (Formerly known as TNW International Pvt Ltd). resolves to create a buzz — ‘Natural Healer’, which is its functional directive. Concurring with the naturalist spirit, our products are completely natural, organic, chemical-free and pragmatically cost-effective. We intend to make it affordable for everyone.

Our products have been predominantly formulated for skincare — to heal the problems of pigmentation, acne, and tanning. With our inclusive combination of products considering the doctrine of Ayurveda, which enunciates that healthy skin is a cumulative result of proper internal and external nutrition, we have infused every ingredient, like anti-oxidants, vitamins and natural oils etc., into it.

Our products speak volumes of its quality because ‘Uncompromising quality is our forte’. Moreover, we are committed to keeping it up adding gradual impetus to it. We have a range of products such as Anti-Acne, Anti-Tanning, Anti-Ageing and the healer for all Skin-related problems. With our authentic and naturalist products, we are heading towards turning out a one-stop solution for these problems.

Now, it’s your turn to capitalise on our natural, herbal, organic and cost-effective products to retain your youthfulness such as glow on the facial skin, curvaceous lips, and shining-hair. Our products have been designed to counteract the dirt, terrible pollution and other problems that we suffer with, in our day-to-day life.

Patiently, get ready to dive into flora with us because we are committed to providing you with the best and cost-effective healer, making your skin beautiful, glowing and flawless. We hope to get your regular feedbacks as it will work as a catalyst for us, adding more value towards further improvement. ‘Heal with TNW International PVT Ltd’s Seal’!