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"It is such a bright and sunny day, let's go out!" is probably the most prominent hoax writers and actors have ever sold. Head out in the summer and realize what "scorching" really means. But despite trying hard to stay indoors, we can't stay in forever. Everyone needs to commute. And for those times, it is advisable to use heat combaters like aloe vera, honey water, etc.

How is aloe advantageous for skin and hair?

Aloe vera is mainly used as a moisturizer for the skin. Thanks to its gel-like texture, it slowly seeps into the skin pores. It doesn't dry away quickly, helping create a thin protective layer against the dry wind and keeping your skin smooth and hydrated. 

But importantly, aloe vera helps you keep your cool. Quite literally. If applied on the face, it helps fight the sunburn and has a mild cooling effect that would help shield you against the scorching heat of the summers. It is nature's sunblock.

But this is not it; aloe vera helps in healing the wounds at a faster rate, primarily 2nd and 3rd-degree burns. It is known to seep under the epidermis faster than water and stay for a longer time. 


And for those concerned about the ticking time bomb called ageing, aloe vera should be at your bedside table. It has significant anti-ageing effects as it helps stretch your skin, preventing it from drooping or creating wrinkles. Use it regularly for years and check out your skin at 50. It will be as fresh as new!

And for adolescents, aloe vera is the best shield against pimples and acne. Ensure to wash your face regularly and apply aloe vera gel twice a day. You will be surprised at how pimple-free your skin can be. 

Aloe vera also has maximum benefits for your hair.

For starters, it can prevent excess oil. Aloe vera has certain enzymes that break down the sebum in the hair, so you don't have to worry about that second-day oily hair. 

Aloevera Gel

Aloe vera also helps combat UV radiation. It is advisable to apply aloe vera gel on your hands, face, and hair before stepping out to prevent any UV damage to your skin.

If your hair were a plant, aloe vera would be the water and fertilizer. Applying aloe vera to your hair regularly can aid in hair growth, and before you know it, you will have thick, luscious hair over your head.

How TNW- Aloe Vera Gel, a unisex product, is valid for summertime 

It is a lightweight gel that helps you fight all skin worries. Not everyone has the luxury of planting an aloe vera plant and then extracting the gel out of it. TNW has introduced Aloe Vera Gel to prevent the hassle, simply use this product and fight against summers naturally. It is a unisex product. You don't need to worry about your skin type, for it is suitable for all skin types.

                        Aloevera PlantAloe vera Gel


Leave out the hassle and anger, apply TNW aloe vera gel and be the king of the heat!

We have already stepped into the global warming blanketed month of April and are heading to May's superheated. What are you waiting for? Buy your aloe vera gel today!


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