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The Rose Water is known as a natural cleanser, which we have been discussing for long. The Natural Wash presents a power-packed product that allows us to dive into the flora. The purest form of rose water is found in its distilled form. And this distilled rose water is specially produced using the roses directly from the rose fields.

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To retain the purity of the Rose Water, TNW employs the same technique of steam distillation, which was used in ancient times to produce the Rose Water. This is as efficacious as the nectar for our body. It helps maintain healthy skin by removing the dead skin cells.

TNW’s basic idea behind its production is to provide the goodness of Rose-water available in its purest form and use it as a healer for a wide range of skin-related ailments. Unfailingly, it has been outstanding in the skincare regime, giving the skin a natural healing envelope.

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How To Use Spray the rose water a few times in a day and let it absorb in your skin. It can be used as a toner, makeup remover and as a base for TNW’s Face packs.

  • This TNW’s wonderful product maintains the pH level of our skin and boosts the function of collagen, which is responsible for the production of a balanced amount of oil on our skin. 
  • Stimulates the skin cells and prevents it from various skin problems like acne, pimples, rashes and irritation. 
  • Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties remove the excess oil from the skin and keep it hydrated. 
  • Reduces the wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles, which help in delaying the process of ageing. It also acts as a perfect toner for our skin. 
  • Cleanses our skin by removing the dirt and pollutants from it, making it flawless. 
  • TNW’s Distilled Rose Water provides an extra glow to our skin when used along with TNW’s special packs, such as Anti-Ageing Pack and Skinfix (D-Tan & Pigmentation pack). 

It is made with real roses and steam distilled water.

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