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Herbal Lip Care: Natural & Chemical-free way to get Softer, lightened and tan-free brighter lips

by Neetika Mahawar 24 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Taking care of the lips is the one skin-care routine that most of us miss or rather neglect. We often think moisturizing the lips is enough and some women think applying a good lipstick is all that we need, what we fail to understand is lip care is a routine in itself. We need to give more attention towards our lip-care as lips’ skin is the most delicate skin in our body and be it sun, age or harsh weather our lips get effected the most.

Most of us complain of having dark lips all of a sudden without finding a solid reason behind it, but we often overlook the fact that there are several reasons that cause darkness, dullness or roughness of the lips. Most common reasons of getting darkened lips or tanned lips are excessive smoking, indigestion, and sun exposure, excessive intake of coffee, tea and not drinking enough water. But most of all, never having to scrub the lips. As this also leads to layered tanning on the lips. 

Here in the blog we will find out the most amazing way to give Herbal care to our lips. It is the only way to get naturally flawless lips without using any toxic chemicals.

Give your lips daily care:

Yes your lips need daily care just like your face. It is important to nourish the lips daily and apply a protective layer on it whenever you step out in the Sun. If you are a woman and wear lipstick all day long, chances are your lips get chapped as Matte, or non-moisturizing lipstick make the skin of lips extra dry and chapped. This is essential that you apply a herbal balm on your lips prior applying the lipstick and post removing it. Also, make sure to remove the lipstick with either pure virgin oil such TNW Virgin Coconut Oil or some natural make-up remover such as TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water. As it protects the lips from damage and drying. Washing off the lipstick directly may cause wrinkles and dryness to the lips.

TNW Herbal Beetroot Lip Balm:

TNW Beetroot Lip Balm is a herbal blend of natural oils and butters enriched fruits to give the lips several benefits. It is a tint-free natural lip balm that give your lips a shiny gloss but no colour which makes it suitable for men, too. Women can wear this lips balm under the lipstick, to make the lips moist and prevent them from drying.

Exfoliation is the key:

It is essential to exfoliate the lips for the better health of the lip, it is necessary to exfoliate for having tan-free, lightened, curvaceous, supple and soft lips, too. But too harsh scrubs or granules may lead to rapture of the skin and may further cause damage to the lips. This is why it is advisable to use gentle and mild scrub for your lips. It is even better if you choose herbal lip care for the lips one such herbal lip care you can get from TNW-The Natural Wash. 

TNW Lip Lightening Scrub

Try herbal care of TNW Lip Lightening Scrub, it is made of natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. It has walnut crushed for making granules and vegetable wax along with butters, oils and flowers to make a creamy scrub for gentle massaging and easy gliding on the lips. Its gentle massage on the lips exfoliates the skin of the lips and removes the dead skin cells and uncover lighter and brighter lips by removing the tanning gradually. Exfoliation regularly makes the lips well-shaped, fuller and softer and healthy.

There are many ways to scrub, most people use sugar as a DIY but TNW Lip Lightening Scrub is infused with so many essential ingredients such as olive oil, walnut oil, daisy, Shea butter, lotus oil etc. that give extra nourishment to the lips and makes it better than just a scrub for the lips. 

Post scrubbing apply TNW Beetroot Lip Balm to give your lip a gentle massage of moisture and seal the hydration of the lips. With this herbal lip care routine you can have admirable supple pout the natural way.

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