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Find Out How Stress And Anxiety Can Lead To Hair Fall & How To Prevent It

by Akshit Goel 20 Jun 2020 1 comment

We all know how important it is to maintain our mental health. Any types of sadness, depression, anxiety and stress can lead to mental illness which further causes more serious problems. It is essentially necessary for maintaining proper mental health as well as physical. This is because any kind of tensions or stress cause a lot of harm to your appearance as well. And one of that major harm is losing your hair.

Let’s find out the relation between stress, anxiety and how it leads to hair fall?

Hair Fall

Yes, it’s true that not only unhealthy diet or weak hair health, or bad hair product cause hair fall. In fact one of the major cause of hair loss in stress in 80 % of cases. When we take a lot of stress our follicles go into a resting period and it stops promoting health hair growth. Over the time our hair start falling out easily where new hair are not produced at all, this results into hair fall. Another condition that occurs due to anxiety and stress is Telogen Effluvium. This is usually caused by low nutrition and changes in hormone levels when we remain stressed or have anxiety. However, this can be fixed with proper care of both physical and mental self.

If you feel stressed forget about it with the help of meditation & yoga!

meditation & yoga
Medication is a very helpful way to take care of both mental and physical health. If you indulge in yoga or meditation everyday your mind achieves peace and calmness while your body retains positive energies. You become physically fit and it helps to balance hormonal level which helps a great deal in the proper functioning of hair follicles. Yoga also regulates the blood circulation of your whole body which eventually helps in healthy hair follicles, too. Moreover, it helps to relax from stress, anxiety and further depression. Thus meditation and yoga should be the first thing in your list when you find yourself too stressed or anxious.

Another most important thing for mental and hair health is eating right:

 mental and hair health

Eating right kind of food is essential for keeping your mind and body in shape. Taking a lot of healthy and rich diet will help you maintain proper hormonal balance while also give vital nutrients to the follicles. When you eat right, your body feels healthy and instant makes your brain feel healthy, too. Our diet plays the essential role in beating stress, too. One should always make sure that he or she is not missing on the meals due to stress, or taking their aggression, anxiety and stress over food and end up stuffing themselves with junk food unnecessarily. Thus, it is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Give your hair topical boost with natural hair-care products:

Hair Care Products

When you are indulging into healthy lifestyle then, in order to do the regime right, make sure to do some extra efforts to improve your hair health. Give your hair and scalp the nourishment of natural and holistic products, and the best way to do is taking help of Ayurveda. Go for toxin-free, chemical-free herbal, organic, natural and Ayurvedic products of TNW-The Natural Wash. Try herbal hair spa with TNW Hair Protective Pack. It is a great way to boost essential nutrients to the scalp and follicles. It helps to strengthen hair strands, nourishes the scalp, maintains hair growth, improves hair healthy by repairing damage, protects from further damage such as split ends, breakage, hair fall, dandruff etc. Best way is to pair it with TNW Onion Hair Oil, it is enriched with goodness of onion, ginger, flaxseed along with other 17 rich ingredients. It too helps to encourage healthy hair growth and nourishes the scalp while keeping damages at bay. Onion Oil’s calming head massage will also help you have a relaxing effect and d-stress you from tensions and stress. These natural products help the follicles to retain its life and encourage healthy cell growth which eventually helps to have voluminous hair.

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1 comment

26 Jun 2020 Neeti

Nice and informative!

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