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Ways To Revive Mind and Body After a Long Tiring Day

by Akshit Goel 23 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Do you feel stressed out? 

Does your body and mind feel exhausted? 

Are visible changes surfacing on the skin making your appearance dull and tired? 


If your answer is a yes to any of the questions above, pay attention as your body might need care.   


No wonder life has become pressing and challenging in the new normal. 

Working from home for long hours, studying along with kids through online classes, and managing multiple household chores has taken a toll on sleep, skin and overall health. Indeed, the stress and anxiety levels are draining more out of us than we realize. With prolonged working hours, not only sound sleep but skin health is also getting hampered.  


Is this your story too?  


Then, keep on reading. Try to indulge yourself in activities that relax your mind and body, improve your sleeping pattern, and lighten your mood. You must start taking care of yourself by practising yoga, meditation or following a skincare routine.  


It is time to revive yourself! 


1. Positivity at home 


A healthy and soulful mind helps you and your family to maintain good energy around the house. It also helps upkeep your immunity level. So, stay optimistic, spend quality time and be cheerful for your mind and body to be in a happy, healthy state. 


2. Elevate Mood with Meditation  


Meditation helps you feel connected to your inner self. It helps to flush out toxins and negative thoughts thus, improving quality of life. It helps regain control and calm the mind as it fills you with inner peace by relieving stress and anxiety. So, indulge in the tranquillity that meditation offers.  


3. Devote yourself to Skincare  


Stressful life, worries, anxieties mark the arrival of premature signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles under-eye bags and dark circles. Engaging in a natural therapeutic and relaxing skincare at home can do wonders for your skin, simultaneously refreshing you of all the tiredness. You can apply TNW face sheet masks that are loaded with nourishing serums to hydrate and nourish your skin instantly. You can even go for a detailed skincare routine with its natural Green Tea face wash, Steam Distilled Rosewater, Anti-Ageing Serum, and Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel for the skin's overnight repair.  


4. Head and Body Massage 


Even though you find less time, you must indulge in a complete head and body massage occasionally. Use only natural oils to reap the maximum benefit and reduce stress and anxieties. Our virgin oils are naturally formulated with ayurvedic ingredients to soothe the mind and body. When massaged thoroughly, these oils help to provide deep nourishment to skin and hair.  


5. Warm baths 


You might feel stressed and tired after a long working day. A warm bath at the end of the day might help to unwind all the worries. It helps to lower blood pressure, reduces tension, and let you fall asleep peacefully. Besides these benefits, a warm bath also helps make your skin clean, healthy and relieved from illness. You can use our Honey Milk shower Gel or handmade soaps to nourish and refresh your skin and have a stress-free, relaxed sleep.   


6. Musical & Aroma Therapy  


When treated right, our senses help us relax to the core. When you feel exhausted after working hard all day, play some light music or burn scented candles. Indulge in musical therapy, listen to soft music or pamper yourself with aromatherapy by breathing in the scent. Let your mind feel calm and lost. Engage in these therapies to uplift your mood, relieve your tensions to reflect the peacefulness and happiness on your skin.  




Your health is in your hands. These challenging times will surpass surely. We need to overcome the obstacles that hinder our physical, emotional and mental health with a bit of caution and the right ways.  


Take time for yourself, follow the above methods, read a book, perform your favorite past times or start journaling about your day. Do not over-exhaust yourself; instead, engage in interesting and self-pampering activities to relieve stress and worries. 


 Also, keep in mind to eat healthily and feel happy as it reflects on your skin. So, take utmost care of yourself and others, feel at peace and remember to use natural products to be on your merry way to healthy skin and mind. 



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