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TNW Hand & Foot Cream - Why Do You Need It?

by Akshit Goel 06 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Have you ever sat for a while, looked at your hands & feet and been appreciative of them? Never!!

Then, take a moment and be thankful for your hardworking pairs.

There, did you notice signs of dryness and wrinkles on your hands; and cuts & cracks on your feet? 

It is them seeking your attention & care. 

We know you pamper your skin a lot, apply toner & moisturizer on your face to soften skin, use sunscreen to prevent tanning and a whole lot of other products, but do you apply any product on your hands & feet? During corona, where the prime focus has been on frequent use of sanitizers and hand washes, it has become imperative to keep your dry, rough hands moisturized. Even feet should be treated well to prevent cracks and roughness.  

Addressing the need, TNW- The Natural Wash has formulated a cream to pamper & protect both your hands and feet & keep them soft and smooth.  

Meet and greet TNW's newly launched Hand & Foot Cream and uncover the reasons as to why it is a must-have to complete your skincare routine. 

Reasons to buy and try TNW Hand & Foot Cream 

  1. Retains Moisture & Softness 

Beautiful hands & feet indeed reflect one's personality and should be well taken care of. Due to continuous exposure to dirt, dust and chemicals, the skin texture of hands and feet undergoes immense change, calling out for a solution. TNW Hand & Foot Cream, thus, is the perfect cream that provides the requisite moisture content, is natural and safe, helps maintain skin's agility and softness. It provides intense moisture, keeping both hands & feet hydrated. 

  1. Forms a Moisture-binding Protective Layer

Our hands help us carry out daily tasks and our feet take us to places, i.e., both work tirelessly. Hence, require special care, ideally a lot different from face and body. Being constantly exposed, the skin of hands and feet gets tanning, becomes rough, and develops wrinkles & cracks; hence, it should be thoroughly protected. TNW Hand & Foot Cream, enriched with Moroccan Oil, safeguard the skin against Sun Damage and harmful UV rays. Turmeric Oil's presence softens and heals cracked skin. The all-natural formulation using ayurvedic oils and nourishing butter thus helps protect & improve hand's & feet skin against any cracks and dryness.  

  1. Treats the Seasonal Variations 

As the skin on the back of the hand is thin compared to the palm's skin, it appears drier and rougher. The same holds for feet. When you walk barefoot, the dirt and dust accumulate, cracks form and skin become rough. Also, when the season changes, so is the skin of hands and feet. Here, our lightweight hand & foot cream helps to keep the dryness at bay. Its non-sticky formula loaded with Coconut, Olive oil, Vitamin E and Cocoa butter get quickly absorbed into the skin. This effective blend thus, help make the skin soft, supple and smooth. For these reasons, you can apply our cream to provide intensive care to your dry and dull hands & feet and help treat the seasonal changes that alter the skin.  

  1. Repairs & Rejuvenate Hands and Feet 

TNW Hand and Foot cream contain a salving mix of ayurvedic oils and moisturizing butter. It thus helps to repair and rejuvenate the poor health of hands & feet. It instills the skin with the goodness of natural ingredients and treats various underlying issues like-

  • Deeply moisturizes dry, rough skin
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots 
  • Tightens loose skin 
  • Heals cracks and cuts 
  • Makes skin soft & smooth while simultaneously providing hydration to them. 

Hence, if you have extra dry skin, want soft, beautiful hands & feet, invest in our cream. Give your hands & feet a layer of natural protection wrapped with natural nourishment & antioxidants of TNW Hand and Foot Cream.   


Our hands & feet represent the way we take care of ourselves and the body. Hence it is important to keep them prim and proper. Applying a moisturizer gives only halfway care; however, they need a specific skincare product. So, to keep your hands and feet soft and attractive, use TNW Hand & Foot cream. It is an ideal & specialized product that is efficacious, natural, forms a protective layer, reduces ageing signs, heals cracks by providing extra hydration and moisture. 

It's time to add TNW-The Natural Wash Hand & Foot cream to your daily routine to ensure that your hands & feet stay happy, soft and beautiful. 

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