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Glam Up With Gloss: With Tnw Gloss to Glam Lip Gloss!

by Website Changes 19 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Now get into a flashback, it's the year 2007, and you are getting ready for your ‘extra classes’ after school. After dressing up, what’s the first thing you put on your face? For what we can remember, the 00's was a time for the glosses. For all those hippie stars that used to feature on Vh1 and MTV with their heavily bronzed faces and lips all glossed up in deep browns and pink, to those small ‘floral’ transparent glosses that used to retail at our nearby store, lip glosses are not only a part of fashion or beauty world, they also dominated the music and other industries. And of course, nostalgia!

Glam Up to lip Gloss

Lip glosses have been an ultimate beauty staple, apart from their amazing property to plump up the lips and make them look nourished, lip glosses managed to dominate not only american, but also south asian markets as well. With most popular shades being brown and pink, nothing ever beats the versatility of transparent lip gloss! Lip gloss’ popularity also gave rise to other ‘glossy’ trends such as glossy lids, glossy cheeks, and even glossy faces! While other trends lived up as mere fads, lip gloss, as classic as it gets, still rules the market. 

The best part about lip glosses is that they are pretty as well as fun. While most of the makeup trends require you to have a PhD in Art along with the blessings of MF Hussain and the apprenticeship of Picasso, the lip glosses are absolutely no-brainer. Getting ready for college or work? No Lip contour required, no base required. Just swipe up some gloss on your lips and get ready for some super-mirror-shiny goodness! This nature of lip gloss makes them the chief guest of quick fixes and an ultimate partner for those SOS situations. Your date arrived to pick you up from work? Check. You have an important video call to attend? Check. Meeting? Check? LIFE! Check!

To bring this 00’s favourite trend back, TNW - The Natural Wash JUST LAUNCHED *drum rolls please* LIP GLOSSES! Yes, you heard that right! After successful launches of Matte Velvet Longstay Liquid Lipsticks, and recently launched #Baseties, TNW is here to take up more space in your vanity!

TNW’s Gloss to Glam

Lip Gloss comes in three, absolutely yummy! Dessert inspired shades that make your lips look like a freshly glazed sugar donut!

The shade Slush is a pretty barbie pink that will remind you of your pre-teen birthday parties. This shade is perfect to wear when you are all dolled up for that date night or the days when you had a fresh haircut! Inspired by icy-strawberry slush, this lip gloss feels like your entire summer holiday.

The shade Truffle is a deep brown-chocolate coloured gloss that is so vintage, and (of course) as the name suggests, smells ABSOLUTELY like truffle. It gives a kick to your theobromines and is perfect for the days when you want to boss lady a little extra. It is ideal to pair up with your Indian wear, this lip gloss feels like a Parisian cafe, but without croissants!

The shade Raindrop is a beautiful transparent gloss, that adds extra oomph to your otherwise lip looks. Inspired by a Japanese transparent cake that looks like a big blob of raindrop, this lip gloss will instantly plump up your lips with an instant kick of nourishment. Apply it as it is or layer it above your favourite lipstick to add a touch of glam to your regular, flat look!

Lip gloss All shades

What's better? Apart from the regular variant, you also get a 2 in 1! TNW’s Gloss to Glam Lip Gloss is a dual ended product that has a transparent gloss on one end, and a coloured gloss on the other end. So you never have to worry about carrying two of them, and they can help you complete your whole look in a jiffy!

But What Makes Tnw’s Lip Glosses Better Than the Rest?

1. TNW Lip Glosses are infused with the goodness of exotic oils

TNW makes sure that every time you apply the product, your skin thanks you for it. TNW backs all its products with some skincare science and the same goes for this one. These lip glosses are infused with the goodness of Coconut Oil and Castor Oil, that result in moisturised, nourished and plump look that gives a mirror shine from outside and hydration and repair from inside.

2. TNW Lip Glosses are Non-Sticky and Ultra Light

Gone are those days with thick, sticky glosses that had your hair sticking around your lips. That was pure annoyance, right? TNW made sure to make this experience pleasurable and employed a new, lightweight formulation that makes thin and non sticky film on the lips.

3. TNW Lip Glosses are toxin free

TNW lip glosses are free from many toxic chemicals such as Silicon, Sulphate, Paraben, BHA/BHT, Alcohol, and Mineral Oil that are linked to many deadly diseases and repercussions on topical application and consumption.

4. Duo Packaging

TNW’s Newly Launched Lip Glosses are also available in dual ended packaging, where you get a transparent gloss on one end and a coloured gloss on the other end. It gives you liberty to customise your looks and alter the opacity of your lip gloss, isn’t that amazing?

Benefits of Lip Gloss

How to Use These Lip Glosses?

Lip glosses are a multipurpose product, and that is why they save up a lot of space (and money) in your vanity!

  • Step1:- Swipe up some lip gloss directly to your lips for that instant brunch look! Pair it up with your favourite sundress and funky flats to complete your look.
  • Step 2:- Layer up above your favourite lipstick to add a touch of glam to your regular looks. It will enhance the coverage and increase the longevity of your gloss. TNW recommends pairing Matte Velvet Longstay Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Pinktastic’ with Gloss to Glam Lip Gloss in the shade ‘Slush’. Pairing the shade ‘Plumberry’ with the shade ‘Truffle’ will give you a perfect, retro lip look!
  • Step 3:- Apply on high points of your cheeks to give some lifted and highlighted look, it gives your face a healthy sheen and you literally look like a glowball! Use the shade ‘slush’ to add a hint of pink to your otherwise plain highlighter.
  • Step 4:-  Add some glitter to your gloss, or swipe it gently above your shimmery eyeshadow to get a shimmer glossed up look. It looks amazing when paired with sequins and a jazzy dress!

We are absolutely thrilled, like how a tiny tube of colour manages to uplift the mood and look, instantly! We are fond of everything glossy, and as Rihanna rightly said “Shine bright like a diamond…” we are just following what the queen said! 

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