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Virgin Oil: Benefits of using Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Oils

by Akshit Goel 04 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Virgin oil are considered of quite an essential significance. We already know how important it has been and heard from our grandmothers also that oil your hair or all your body to make it for glorious. Be it for your hair or your skin oiling is one thing that our ancestors have always sworn by. Considering the vitality of oils, we are going to discuss in this article, what are the benefits of using pure virgin oil.

We would unfold surprising benefits of using pure virgin cold pressed oils. But before moving on to that, we should understand what are pure Virgin oil and cold pressed oils? How are these oils different than any other oil? What makes the cold-pressed oil better that other oils? Virgin oils are the purest form of oil with no adulteration. While cold pressed oil is extracted with a safe, pure method of cold-pressing without any industrial method that involves heating. Thus, cold presses and virgin oils are pure essence of the seeds or nuts.

Benefits & Uses of Virgin Almond oil:


Benefits of using virgin cold pressed oil are many: Such as almond oil, that is rich in vitamin E & D, magnesium, potassium, calcium. These nutrients helps your body in several ways. And other than eating almonds, having to have topical application of almond oil for face and hair is immensely beneficial, too. And when you use pure Virgin oil you get the maximum nutrients of the almonds that other almond oils, as filtration, adulteration and process of extracting the oil leaves the oil devoid of all the nutrients that the nut is packed of. Thus, it is best to use pure Virgin almond oil for face and hair or body, too.

Try TNW Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil:

TNW Almond Oil

TNW Virgin Almond Oil that extracted with cold pressed method, it contains all the nutrients of almonds. This pure Almond Oil is helpful to improve overall condition of hair such as hair fall, frizzy hair, dandruff and other hair problems. And far as the skin is concerned Almond oil is even used in many skin care products due its rich benefits. If used in the night almond oil works as the best facial serum that helps with under eye circles, puffy eyes and promotes collagen that further helps in maintaining elasticity of the skin.

How To Use:

Hair: Gently massage the scalp by diluting two parts of almond oil and one part of coconut oil together. Allow it to settle for 4-5 hours, then cleanse with TNW’s herbal shampoo.

Face: Gently massage by taking 2-3 drops of almond oil in a circular motion every day before going to bed. Apply the oil after TNW’s face packs to settle down all the impurities.

Body: Gently massage with the almond oil all over the body to moisture and cleanse the skin.

Benefits & Uses of Virgin Pure Coconut oil:

Another Virgin oil that is widely known and used in India is Coconut oil. Using coconut oil for hair is the common practice for ages in the households of India. Using pure Coconut Oil is beneficial for not only hair, too. As it is packed with vitamin E, K, iron, and zinc, and we will get all these nutrients intact only from pure virgin oil of coconuts.

Try TNW Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil:

TNW Coconut Oil
Talking of virgin oils, TNW produces Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which ensures all the nutrients are packed in. It conditions the hair and helps to control dandruff as it reduces dryness from the scalp and hair strands, too. It is very effective for skin also, as it boosts moisture and conditions the skin making it less flaky. Moreover, coconut oil is very mild and gentle which makes it perfect for baby massage, also.

How To Use:

Hair: Gently massage into scalp, leave it for 4-5 hours and then wash it with TNW’s herbal shampoo.

Body: Gently massage the oil all over the body and allow it to absorb. For best results, use on moist skin after bath.

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