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Face Wash 101: The Gateway to Clean, Fresh, and Healthy Skin- Your ultimate guide for choosing the best face wash!

by Website Changes 11 Jul 2023 0 Comments

In today’s fast-paced world, stopping is not even considered an option, and you are always supposed to keep going. You just can’t save yourself from exposure to environmental pollutants such as dirt, dust, and toxins, which can wreak havoc in the form of many visible and invisible health issues. But our skin is the one part that faces the most visible wrath in the form of dullness, acne, premature ageing, and overall damage.

Maintaining your skin's health and getting your face free from all these nasty pollutants and dust has become very significant, and that’s why face washes have garnered such a basic yet the most pivotal role in your skin care routine. A good face wash would not only cleanse your skin but also contribute to a healthy, radiant complexion. But since we are all differently unique, our skin type also differs, and therefore, choosing the best face wash that would be just right for your skin type is a decision that sometimes feels like facing an uphill battle. But worry not, here in this blog, we have carefully crafted information to help you choose the best face wash for your skin. Grab your coffee, and let’s explore further! 

The Skin Types and Our Recommendations:

The first thing to remember before applying face wash is that you should be aware of your skin type to let the face wash work effectively according to the needs of your face without causing any discomfort. For example, if you have oily skin and you are using face wash for dry skin, the chances are you may invite skin irritation and excessive dryness. In short, getting another patient without curing the earlier one So, it’s quite imperative to know your skin type.

1. Oily skin

A simple test for that oily skin is to touch your nose from the sides, and if you feel sticky and oily residue on your finger, you are a part of team oily skin. The main characteristic of Oily skin is that it generally has a shinier or greasy appearance, especially in the forehead, nose, and chin areas. It is more prone to acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. So, if you, too, face these issues persistently, you must use a face wash suitable for oily skin

Multani Mitti Face Wash:

Multami Mitti Face Wash for remove oil

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This face wash is an ideal product for members with oily skin types. This is composed of pure Multani Mitti, or fuller’s earth, which is an oil-absorbing material, and a natural cleanser that has been used for skin care since humans must have started caring for skin or had the bare minimum skin care routine.

It is quite effective for oily skin, as it absorbs the excess oil from the skin while rejuvenating it naturally. It gently removes the extra tan and impurities and closes the opened pores while also handling those nasty skin issues such as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. TNW also uses aloe vera extracts in this face wash, which give it a soothing power when applied to the skin. To also maintain that radiant and natural glow, kesar and sandalwood extracts are also incorporated into the face wash. What is the best face wash for oily skin? Well, you try and decide.

2. Dry Skin

To test for dry skin, simply wash your face, let it dry, and observe after some time. If your skin feels tight, rough, appears dull, or shows signs of flaky or dry patches, welcome to the club of dry skin. As discussed above, oily skin after washing will feel a sensation of discomfort or pulling on your skin. Oily skin is prone to skin issues like fine lines and wrinkles, as the lack of moisture can accentuate the appearance of these signs of ageing. So, a face wash effective for dry skin types should be the ideal face cleansing product in the arsenal of the members of the dry skin club.

Green tea face wash

Gree tea face wash for best skin

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You must have heard the benefits of green tea for health, but what about using these benefits for treating skin problems? The query is heard in the form of a green tea face wash. Enriched with the goodness of green tea and almond, the face wash is like a boon for people with dry skin types. It moisturises the skin, kicks out the impurities, and helps minimise the visible pores. The healing properties of this face wash make it the best face wash for dry skin.

The presence of green tea helps slow down oxidation, which helps in the cure of puffy eyes and minimises dark circles. It also protects the skin from sunburn. The presence of almonds helps get that extra glow, as almond extract nourishes the skin and removes dead cells. This skin face wash is a must to be added in the arsenal of people with dry skin.

3. Normal Skin

A normal skin is generally the most ideal and sometimes considered a fancy term because of the lack of members with this skin type. It is neither too oily nor too dry, has a smooth texture, small to medium-sized pores, and a very healthy complexion with minimal sensations or blemishes. Now, I hope you know why it’s considered a mere fancier term.

Papaya foaming face wash

Papaya foaming face wash for best Skin

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Papaya, a tropical product known for its vibrant colour and sweet taste, holds incredible benefits for skin. To incorporate the bliss of papaya onto your face, TNW formulated this skin face wash named Papaya Foaming Face Wash. This face wash is formulated to work effectively on all skin types. Consisting of papaya fruit extract, aloe vera leaf extract, lactic acid, panthenol, and glycerin, the skin face wash is a blessing when it comes to curing all skin issues.

The skin face wash has papaya as the main ingredient, which helps to brighten the skin tone by adding a natural glow, while lactic acid controls the excess production of oil on the skin. Panthenol adds softness, and aloe vera, with its soothing effects, makes this face wash the best skin face wash for glowing skin.

4. Combination skin

You can call this skin type the most confused one or the one with poor decision-making skills. Jokes apart, this skin type has different skin types on different areas of the face. Normally, the nose, forehead, and chin areas are oilier, while the cheeks may be drier. It is the most challenging skin type to manage, as it requires a balanced approach to address the differing needs of different areas. So, you must use a face wash that works accordingly.

Vitamin C Exfoliating Face Wash

Vitamin C Exfloating Face Wash for combination skin

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This face wash has a blend of natural ingredients like orange peels, tomato extract, and grape seed extract rich in antioxidant properties that improve skin health by gently exfoliating your skin by removing dead skin cells and unclogging open pores. Also, the face wash fights signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles by improving collagen production and skin texture. Moreover, this face wash can be used by all skin types. If someone asks, What is the best face wash for exfoliating skin? You can recommend it to others after seeing the mesmerising magic of this skin face wash for yourself.

5. Sensitive skin

You can understand this one as the short-tempered skin type. It is easily irritated and reacts quickly to certain products and environmental pollutants to cause redness, itching, and burning sensations. People with this skin type are already very cautious, but they should take more precaution while selecting face wash.

Best Face Wash For Sensetive Skin

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Kumkumadi is a blend of potent herbal ingredients, including saffron, sandalwood, licorice, turmeric, and other botanical extracts. It has been known for its rejuvenating and skin-nourishing properties since ancient times. TNW made this kumkumadi foaming face wash by mixing kumkumadi oil, rice water extract, and glycerin in an appropriate amount.

The presence of kumkumadi oil and rice water extract helps to reduce the visibility of pigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes by making skin tone even. It also contains lactic acid and niacinamide, which help unclog pores by cleansing them and ultimately minimising the visibility of open pores. Also, it controls excess oil production, therefore making it a considerate option as the best tan removal face wash.

 Anti-Acne Face Wash

Best Anti-acne face wash

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The unwanted guests on your face wash, especially when talking about any special function, are acne. They are the first ones to come to the party. But the idea of crafting a face wash specially dedicated to curing these stubborn pimples is what led TNW to come forward with Anti-Acne Face Wash. The Skin Face Wash is a unique blend of neem extract, salicylic acid, Tea tree oil, and rosemary extract that works wonders on your skin to get you rid of acne and pimples.

The presence of salicylic acid helps in dissolving the skin’s dead cells, which are the root cause of acne as they clog pores and cause acne. Neem improves skin’s texture and cures skin problems like acne, acne scars, and dark spots, while tea tree oil helps in calming and soothing the skin’s redness and swelling. Rosemary leaf extract reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on the skin, resulting in an improved skin complexion, which makes the skin face wash the best face wash for pimples.

Skin type identification techniques

While we did talk about the technique of touching your skin to identify your skin type. Let’s explore some more techniques to ensure you of your skin type: 

1. Visual test

  • Oily skin: It shows a shiny or greasy appearance
  • Dry skin: It will have a dull appearance
  • Combination skin: Shiny nose, forehead, and chin area while dry cheeks.
  • Normal skin: Balanced complexion with no excess oil or drynes

2. Paper test

In this, you have to use normal blotting paper and press it over your nose, chin, forehead, and cheeks.

  • Oily skin: The paper will be saturated with oil.
  • Dry skin: The paper picks up little or no oil.
  • Combination skin: The paper will have oil in some parts and be dry in others.
  • Normal skin: There will be minimal oil with a balanced overall appearance.


Tips to keep handy while buying skin face wash

  1. Always ensure the face wash is free from harmful chemicals, and it's icing on the cake if it uses natural ingredients to soothe your skin problem.
  2. One thing that’s been addressed a lot in this blog, and I will repeat it here as well due to its importance, Always remember to use the face wash exclusive to your skin type.
  3. Stay away from face washes with artificial fragrances, as they may contain chemicals that may react with your skin and cause unwanted effects.
  4. You should always use face wash in a sequence that is to first use exfoliators or scrubs, then proceed to face wash to have the exact effect intended on your skin.

The Ultimate Takeaways

With the toxic impurities that affect our faces throughout the day, it becomes imperative to take proper care of your face. While there are plenty of face washes that can be incorporated into your skin care routine, you should always do your research to first understand your skin’s needs and identify the problems that your skin is facing. The most significant thing to remember while choosing your skin face wash is that it should be free from toxic chemicals and strictly according to your skin type.

With the belief of finding the answer to all the skin care woes is in the ambit of nature, TNW has been coming forward with some of the best skin face washes from time to time by integrating the benefits of nature into your skin care routine according to the needs of all skin types.


Q: How often should I use face wash?

It is recommended by skin care experts to use face wash twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. However, you can change the frequency according to the severity of your skin problems.

Q: How long should I massage the face wash into my skin?

For perfect cleansing, you should massage your skin with face wash for 30 seconds to 1 minute to let it penetrate deeply into your skin.

Q: Can the same face wash be used in the morning and at night?

Yes, you can use the same face wash both times. However, the point to be taken care of is your skin type and the severity of the skin condition.

Q: Can face wash help with acne?

Yes, the presence of certain specific ingredients in face washes makes them effective for acne, like neem or salicylic acid, which help relieve acne. You can check out TNW’s Anti-Acne Face Wash for effective acne removal.

Q: What happens if I use a face wash that is different from my skin type?

Using a face wash that is not appropriate for your skin type will worsen your skin condition. adding several new problems to your skin without having any effect on the already prevalent issues.

Q: Can I use face wash if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, you can use it, but do remember to check the contents of the face wash, as it may contain any ingredient that may react with your skin and worsen your skin sensitivities. A skin face wash suitable for sensitive skin will help improve your sensitivity while giving the proper soothing effects.

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