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8 Lesser Known Benefits Of Neem That Everyone Should Know About

by Neetika Mahawar 07 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Azadirachta Indica or Neem is found widely in Indian subcontinent. It is known as a wonder herb which is hugely used in Ayurveda to make medicines and potions in order to cure several health problems naturally. Neem, indeed, holds immense benefits this is why from its roots to bark to stems, flowers, leaves and seeds, all are used and have greater health benefits. Now even scientists believe that Neem does have purifying, clarifying and even anti-bacterial properties. Its tree gives pure air, cleanses the atmosphere and has anti-bacterial properties, this is why in older times people used to grow Neem tree in their front yard so that it keeps infections, diseases and impure air away. Neem is regarded as auspicious even in several Indian rituals just because it signifies purity, cleanliness and holds purifying powers.

As Neem is considered so beneficial then, let us find out about some amazing and perhaps unknown benefits of Neem that all of us should know.

 Scroll down to read about 8 super beneficial facts of this wonder-herb:-

  1. Takes care of Oral Health:

For ages Neem stem has been used as a natural tooth brush. In villages even today, we find people chewing at a Neem stem in order to brush their teeth. This practice is popular because Neem stem is as effective as other parts of Neem tree. Its anti-bacterial properties make teeth clean, germ-free, and strong and fights back bad breath, too. Chewing at Neem stem first thing in the morning maintains our over-all Oral health. 

  1. Helps with Pimple/ Acne:

Neem is a good anti-bacterial herb that gives our skin not only relief from itching and irritation but also gets rid of bacterial or fungal development. Neem effectively reduces pimple, acne and acne scars, too. TNW uses this amazing pimple healer in its Anti-Acne Powder along with other beneficial herbs to treat the acne and pimples effectively. 

  1. Helps To Reduce Acne-Scars:

 Neem is a powerful herb that doesn’t only help to remove acne from the skin but also take care of the after-effects. Once, the acne is gone you always find it hard to get rid of the marks that the acne or pimple has left on your face, this is when Neem does its wonder. Using Neem oil on acne scars can effectively reduce acne scars due to the presence of anti-oxidants in it. Try TNW Cold Pressed Neem Oil that helps to give clean, clear and spotless skin by reducing acne and its scars.

  1. Neem is a Bathing Boon:

Be it any season bathing with Neem leaves water is considered quite beneficial as it makes skin germ-free and gives protection from bacterial infections. Owing to this TNW made it easier to have the bathing perfection with Neem by introducing their Handmade Neem Soap. It has not only the benefits of Neem but also Shea butter, Tea-tree oil etc., that give clean and moist skin everyday without any hassle.

  1. It has Anti-Ageing Properties:

Neem possess anti-ageing properties, too, as it is high on anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy growth of new cells. Knowing its anti-ageing properties TNW doesn’t forget to add this efficacious herb in its Anti Ageing Pack that helps to diminish fine lines, tightens up the pores, maintains the firmness of our skin and provides wrinkle-free skin.

  1. Helps with dandruff:

Neem is also known for helping to eradicate dandruff from the scalp. Fungal development on the scalp leads to flaky scalp which further becomes stubborn dandruff. It is very essential to get rid of scalp infection if you want to treat your dandruff permanently. Neem, as we already know, kills all type of fungal infection from the scalp and treats dandruff this is why TNW Hair Protective Pack and TNW Herbal Shampoo are infused with this wonderful Ayurvedic herb to get rid of the dandruff and give healthier hair.   

  1. Helps with Hair Fall:

Due to Neem’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties it helps a great deal to curb hair loss problem, too. It effectively treats dandruff which is a main reason for hair fall. It also promotes healthy hair growth by strengthening roots and hair follicles. TNW Herbal Shampoo and TNW Hair Protective Pack both are enriched with benefits of Neem to combat hair fall problem.  

  1. It helps to deep clean and exfoliate the skin:

Neem is a great cleansing agent it penetrates the skin pores and cleanses it thoroughly; it also removes the dead cells and promotes healthy skin cell growth which is why it works as a very good body exfoliator, too. TNW Oat Cleanse is a natural mild scrub made with a rich blend of Oats, Neem, Basil and many such beneficial herbs with no added chemical whatsoever. This Oat Cleanse. 

So, go ahead and give your body endless benefits of this All-rounder Ayurvedic natural herb. Natural products don’t cause harm to the skin unlike chemical-based products, that give skin less benefits and more and more harm. We should look out for more natural or rather herbal alternatives to lead a healthier life; eating pure and healthy meals, daily exercises and workouts will all go in vain if you put chemicals and toxins on your body. Thus, adopt TNW’s Paraben and Sulphate-Free products that are rich with Neem and other essential herbs, too. Give your hair and skin herbal-care with wide range of TNW Ayurvedic skin/body/hair-care products. Stay safe, stay healthy!  

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