What Makes Us Different Than Others:


    Made In India:

    We believe in promoting indigenous products and propagate #VocalForLocal. This is why, all our products are Made in India with efficacious ingredients that come from all the parts of India and are grown on our Indian earth. Thus, we encourage swadeshi in all its forms.

  •  Uncompromising Quality

    Uncompromising Quality:

    We do not believe in making big bucks over low quality products and have made “Quality our forte”. Thus, all our products are sold at affordable pricing with an uncompromising quality using unadulterated quality ingredients only.

  •  Paraben-Free


    TNW masters the art of turning natural, pure and Ayurvedic ingredients into beneficial body care products because Ayurveda holds enough power to give solutions for all our body and skin related ailments, thus we shun all types of harmful chemical- based preservatives such as Paraben. Therefore, all TNW products are paraben-free.

  •  Sulphate-Free


    Since, sulphate is one of the most dangerous and commonly used chemicals, we ensure to produce Sulphate-free products that may product less lather, but the goodness is always high. Remember more the product lathers, more Sulphate it has. Not only that since our products are Sulphate-free they do not even cause harm to the water bodies when drained down to them.

  •  Cruelty-Free


    TNW not only cares for the skin of humans’ but animals’, too, hence none of our product is tested on animals. We strongly detest animal testing and make only cruelty-free products.

  •  All-Natural


    When we say natural, we mean it. This is the reason that each ingredient is pure and natural in all our products with no harmful chemicals, whatsoever. Not only that, we also strive to process our products through the natural ways, hence our range of Cold-pressed Virgin Oils, Handmade Organic Soaps, Steam Distilled Rose Water and even all our packs are naturally produced and formulated.