Oats are beneficial for physical as well as skin health. And TNW’s Oats Soap is marvellous in skincare, which cleanses the skin within and exfoliates it removing unwanted tanning and darkness. Adding honey to it can reintroduce the moisture onto the dry skin. It lightens up the skin giving it a refreshing touch, and protects it from harsh chemicals.

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The preferences in terms of the use of oats may vary, but its benefits can’t be overlooked. We consume oats in some form or the other as part of our dietary regimen. Now, TNW brings a new epitome of oatmeal in the form of Oats Soap, which is quite efficacious for our skin. 

It helps reduce the pores on our skin while removing the dead skin cells. It reduces the acne scars by removing the dead skin but also prevents it from complete dryness. This is a natural exfoliate for our skin, which helps eliminate the dirt and pollutants and allows our skin to breathe freely. 

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How To Use Rub gently on wet skin. It can be used on face and body. Rinse well.

  • Our skincare regime is as important as our health care regime where oats play a vital role to balance both.
  • TNW has produced this soap in its absolute organic form that helps in the removal of tanning, acne scars from the skin.
  • When Dirt & Pollutants threat the skincare, Oats Soap come to rescue and cleanses the pores on the skin, making it feel rejuvenated.
  • This soap eliminates the tanning, makes the colour of our skin bright and revitalised. 

  • Oats: This is known to be a natural cleanser as it eliminates the dirt and pollutants from the pores of our skin, without any side effect. It helps maintain a perfect glow and nourishes the skin with vitamins. 
  • Honey: TNW could not afford to miss this ingredient with its religious and Ayurvedic significance, which can heal the wounds and scars on the skin. It soothes the skin and keeps it wrinkle-free as it is an anti oxidation inhibitor. It also slows down the process of ageing. 
  • Glycerine: Every season demands a different type of skincare regime as the features of the skin keep on changing throughout the year. Sometimes the variation takes place while travelling. Considering these variations, TNW has added this special ingredient in the product to keep the skin fairly moist, which balances the pH level of the skin, and keeps it hydrated the whole time. This helps to prevent our skin from commonly prevalent problems such as acne, pigmentation, tanning, providing us with flawless skin. 

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