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This black-bar is a must-have for those who are fond of skincare. Adding a little amount of Cinnamon and Neem really makes it a super soap. It plays a vital role in purifying the skin by reducing the acne, absorbing the excess oil and removing all the impurities from it. Washing the face with it makes skin free from- pollutants, dirt and acne while giving a glow to skin.

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Charcoal or Activated Charcoal plays a vital role in purifying the skin. It pulls off all the impurities from the skin like a magnet; cleanses it to the core, thereby allowing it to breathe freely. The Natural Wash’s Charcoal Soap is specially formulated to maintain the skincare regime. Its purifying properties allow it to remove the excess oil from the skin, which helps in reducing common problems like acne.

 It unclogs the pores of the skin and removes all the dirt and pollutants from it that we unknowingly absorb in our daily life. Considering the necessity of a product to counter the harmful effects of the rising pollution on the skin, and to give it a healing effect, TNW presents the Charcoal Soap in natural & organic form.

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How To Use Rub gently on wet skin. It can be used on face and body. Rinse well.

  • Charcoal has its various benefits being cited from ancient times when only Ayurveda used to heal various skin related problems.
  • In modern times, TNW presents Charcoal Soap in the organic form to detoxify the skin.
  • Helps reduce the inflammation, which further helps in healing the acne.
  • Brightens the skin quickly making it smooth.
  • Maintains the glow of the skin without any side-effect.

  • Cinnamon: TNW uses this natural ingredient to heal the skin, which nowadays has turned prone to acne & blemishes and various fungal as well as bacterial infections. 
  • Neem: This ingredient is known to be the most anti-bacterial as per the medical science from time immemorial. It helps reduce the pimples and nourishes our skin with essential minerals with its organic properties. 
  • Charcoal: This is used as a purifying agent since ancient times when only Ayurvedic treatments were available for every ailment. It pulls off all the dirt and pollutants from the skin pores by its magnetic properties and cleanses it properly. It is known to reduce excess oil from the skin, which helps heal the common major problems like acne and blackheads. 
  • Glycerine: Every season demands a different type of skincare regime as the features of the skin keep on changing throughout the year. Sometimes the variation takes place while travelling. Considering these variations, TNW has added this special ingredient in the product to keep the skin fairly moist, which balances the pH level of the skin, and keeps it hydrated the whole time. This helps prevent our skin from commonly prevalent problems such as acne, pigmentation, tanning, providing us with flawless skin. 

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