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Potato – an evergreen kitchen catalyst which adds a different flavour to taste in numerous forms is also a skin cleanser. Adding rice to make the Potato Rice Soap multiplies its quality and efficacy. Rice gives it an anti-ageing property which work wonders in countering the source of tanning, pigmentation and scars on the skin. It also eliminates the dark patches on oily skin.

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The constant change in our climatic conditions takes a toll on our skin and makes it prone to various skin problems, such as tanning, acne, dark spots, sunburns, etc. For treatment and instant relief from these problems, people often go for expensive treatments. But, what happens then? Eventually, they land up with many side-effects, which invite a host of diseases.

Considering the need for a natural healer, The Natural Wash (TNW) presents its soaps and other products, which are completely organic coming out straight from the nature’s lap. The Potato Rice Soap is remarkable in treating skin related problems, refusing the chances of their dwelling back in the future.


✔️ Sulphate Free Soap
✔️ Handmade soap
✔️ Ayurvedic Soap
✔️ Chemical Free Soap
✔️ Paraben free
✔️ Silicone free
✔️ SLS Free

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How To Use Rub gently on wet skin. It can be used on face and body. Rinse well.

  • Potato Rice Soap blends the goodness of potato and rice where in potato provides the goodness of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and rice provides the healing touch to it.
  • TNW has specially fabricated this soap to diminish the tanning layered on the skin.
  • Its anti-oxidant property helps reduce the excessive oil on the skin.
  • The authenticity of these products helps to keep them away from chemicals, which is supposed to treat the dark spots and blemishes of our skin from the roots.

  • Potato: Potato is a rich source of Vitamin B6 & Vitamin C which helps in the growth of skin cells and calms down the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help in reducing the dark spots and tanning as it is known to be a cleansing agent. 
  • Rice: It is not only a staple food for mankind, but also beneficial to nourish and make the skin clean. It acts as a natural toner for the skin and removes the dirt present on it. It also keeps the skin cool, reducing the inflammation and provides a soothing effect. 
  • Glycerine: Every season demands a different type of skincare regime as the features of the skin keep on changing throughout the year. Sometimes the variation takes place while travelling. Considering these variations, TNW has added this special ingredient in the product to keep the skin fairly moist, which balances the pH level of the skin, and keeps it hydrated the whole time. This helps to prevent our skin from commonly prevalent problems such as acne, pigmentation, tanning, providing us with flawless skin. 

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