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The Fuller’s Earth or MULTANI MITTI, made up of clay, is known to be an oil-absorbing material and a natural cleansing agent from time immemorial. The Natural Wash presents it to you in the form of the Fuller’s Earth Face Wash to make its magical healing properties easily accessible to your skincare. Now relish oil-free and glowing skin.

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Fuller’s Earth Face Wash (Multani Mitti) is one of the preferred products ever since we ventured into the skincare regime. It’s known for its oil-absorbing property and natural cleansing agent. It gently removes the extra tanning, impurities and closes the open pores of the skin. It primarily helps reduce the blackheads and whiteheads.

 It is quite effective for the oily skin type as it absorbs the excess oil from the skin, allowing it to be flawless. Considering the multi-benefits of natural Multani Mitti and its efficacy, TNW has produced it in the form of Face Wash, which removes all the impurities from the skin.

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How To Use Apply on wet skin, gently massage in a circular motion, rinse it well and pat dry.

  • TNW’s Fuller’s Earth Face wash can bring drastic changes to the skin by exfoliating its dead skin cells.
  • Unclogs the pores of our skin by removing the blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities caused due to dirt and pollution.
  • Helps to control the excess oil produced by the skin, which in turn prevents our skin from pimples and acne.
  • Detoxifies our skin and reduces the tanning layered on it, providing a glowing and smooth skin.

  • Fuller’s Earth: This is a clay material taken directly from the lap of mother earth. This is also a purifying agent from time immemorial and a powerhouse of minerals that protect us from dirt and pollutants and nourishes our skin. It acts against oxidising particles and prevents our skin from inflammation.  


  • Glycerine: Every season demands a different type of skin care regime as the features of the skin keep on changing throughout the year. Sometimes the variation takes place while travelling. Considering these variations, TNW has added this special ingredient in the product to keep the skin fairly moist, which balances the pH level of the skin, and keeps it hydrated the whole time. This helps to prevent our skin from commonly prevalent problems such as acne, pigmentation, tanning, providing us with flawless skin.

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