Scrubbing is a crucial part of bathing and a smooth fibrous Loofah can add to a peaceful bathing time. Being composed of natural fibers, it is not just an ordinary sponge but rather provides a gentle exfoliating experience for perfect removal of dead skin cells, built-up dirt & residue that clog up the skin pores. TNW’s Loofah is stretchable because of its flexible strings for an easy scrubbing time. It offers a moderate and pleasant bathing experience that will remove impurities and make your skin smooth and supple. 

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We often feel tired and stressed after a long hectic schedule and what better than a relaxed and momentous shower. It‘s a fact that taking a shower can bring down the stress level and relieve your senses.  However, loofah allows you to gently scrub your body with TNW’s Soap and Body wash to gently clear away all the impurities from the skin and make it soft. The smooth fibers will not cause any damage to the skin but rather exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells. While bathing with loofah, it will stimulate blood circulation as friction is being caused due to scrubbing while giving you a youthful and smoother skin. The smooth texture of the loofah is helpful in relieving your stress and tension apart from your hectic schedule.


  • Loofah helps in exfoliating the skin and hence removing dead skin cells.
  • It stimulates blood circulation due to gentle scrubbing and massaging.
  • It is composed with natural fibers which makes it safe to use on skin.
  • It has a loop for hanging in order to dry out easily.
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How To Use Use it with TNW soap or your favourite TNW Body Wash.

TNW’s Loofah is composed with natural fibers to exfoliate dead skin cells and make your skin smooth and supple.

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