All of us love to look young with healthy skin. But we often forget to maintain the essential hygiene of our body. To fill this gap, TNW presents an Intimate Wash, which is specially designed to maintain the vaginal hygiene. This foam wash contains Aloe Vera, Cranberry, Pomegranate and Tea Tree oil, which nourish, brighten, hydrate and protect the intimate delicate skin respectively.

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Look at the public toilets – these are nightmares! And women are always anxious about using them because these toilets are home to a lot of bugs! There is a risk of infection and inflammation around the intimate area while using these dirty toilets. It can cause severe health risks. To protect from the impending risks, TNW presents its natural Intimate Wash — a blend of enriched oils and Aloe Vera extracts and other fruits.

This herbal product freshens, lightens, cleanses and protects the skin while maintaining the necessary pH balance of the skin. It’s useful for women and helps maintain their hygiene by taking care of intimate areas. This Ayurvedic product will largely cater to the needs of the women. 

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Sizes 100 ML
How To Use Gently squeeze the bottle to take few drops. Apply externally to intimate area and rinse well. Use every day to give a fresh sensation and prevent unpleasant odour and irritation. It can be used during menstruation.

  • Helps clean the intimate areas and maintains the hygiene.
  • Maintains the appropriate pH balance of the skin
  • No harsh chemical in it as it’s completely paraben-free.
  • Heals the wounds and gives a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Prevents unwanted and unnatural odour.
  • Relieves from vaginal itching and burning.
  • Prevents from fungal infection and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

  • Tea Tree Oil: This oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which contains a number of compounds like terpinen-4-ol that can kill certain bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its bacteria-fighting properties make it an ideal natural alternative to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. 
  • Aloe Vera Extract: This is a medicinal plant used for soothing skin and has powerful healing properties. It is also known for its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It has been used for ages to moisturise the skin, giving it a soothing effect because in our daily life, more often it turns dry and flaky. 
  • Cranberry Extract: This is efficacious in giving shine and glow to the skin. It can also help prevent urinary tract infections. The acid present in this extract acts as an exfoliator. It has also Vitamin A & C, which help boost collagen production in the body. 

  • Pomegranate Extract: This fruit has anti-oxidant properties, which hydrate the skin and protect it from pigmentation providing it with a glowing effect. With its anti-microbial properties, it has the ability to make the skin radiant.

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