Getting locked in for all-day moisture is everyone’s desire. So what? Now, apply TNW’s Body Lotion to fulfil your desire. It blends with hydrating Vitamin-E, skin-nourishing coconut oil, argan oil, avocado and creamy Shea Butter & Kokum Butter into lightweight that melts right onto your skin, making it soft. It seals moisture into the skin to prevent it from dryness, giving adequate nutrition and nourishment to it.

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Considering the need of an Ayurvedic product which might be giving holistic nourishment to the skin, TNW presents a cost-effective but efficacious body lotion, which seals moisture into the skin to prevent dry skin. It is must to have in your skincare regime. People with extra dry skin can essentially use it every day to make it to look healthy.

Our body lotion is a handy container as you can carry it anywhere. It has avocado, Shea butter, Kokum butter and a combination of three types of oil in it, which is beneficial to use as it softens the roughest parts of the body. Applying body lotion gives adequate nourishment to the skin, increasing the regeneration process and improves the elasticity of the skin. 

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How To Use Apply generously all over body, ideally after a shower or bath to soften and moisturize the skin. Focus your application on dry areas such as knees, elbows and heels. It can be used any time your skin is feeling particularly dry.

  • Rehydrates dried skin of the body, seals moisture into the skin to prevent it from drying. Also, softens rough elbows and heels, with other dry areas of the skin. 
  • Replenishes extra dry or rough spots on the skin and eases rough skin, making it smooth and silky as the rest of your body. 
  • TNW’s Ayurvedic Body Lotion makes you feel good because of its moisturising property, fragrance and texture. 
  • Softens the roughest parts of the body as the body lotion can do wonders to help you relax and make your skin moist, supple, and sweet-smelling. 
  • Adds glimmer to the skin. Brighten it to remove dullness, dead flakes and rejuvenate the underlying tissues.

  • Avocado Oil: This is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins A, D & E. It moisturises and nourishes the skin; relieves inflammation from psoriasis and eczema; accelerates wound healing; treats sunburned skin and reduces signs of ageing. 
  • Argan Oil: TNW’s Body Lotion has infused it with rich-in-fatty acids and Vitamin E. Anyone can reap its benefits for one’s body. It acts as a skin moisturiser, anti-ageing and also conditions dry skin. Its antioxidants are generally beneficial for healing skin which is irritated, cracked, damaged or even burned. 
  • Shea Butter: It is majorly known for its in-built moisturising property. But it also protects our skin from the harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays of the sun to some extent due to the presence of Vitamins A & E in it. Besides, it also relieves the irritation and rashes on the skin, providing us with a soothing effect. 
  • Olive Oil: Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it acts as an antioxidant and moisturiser. It is nearly identical to skin’s lipid profile making it very easily absorbed, with no irritation. This creamy lotion penetrates into the skin immediately and makes it feel soothed and softened. 
  • Kokum Butter: It has antioxidant properties which softens the skin and restores skin flexibility. It is composed of natural compounds that help regenerate and nourish skin cells and moisturises it.

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