• The Natural Wash (TNW) presents you certain products, which bear almost all the ingredients that safeguard your skin from acne.
  • TNW provides products like Neem soap, Grealmo Face Wash, Skinfix, Rose water, Almond oil, Oat cleanse, Anti-acne powder and Neem Oil for dry skin type.
  • We do have a unique pack – Skinfix (D-Tan and pigmentation pack), which is a panacea of sorts as it is quite efficacious for all types of skin.
  • In order to get the optimum result from Skinfix, you must use it with TNW’s Rose Water & Almond Oil along with Oats cleanse
  • These TNW products do not only counter the acne effect but also gives a soothing effect to your skin, which you would have never expected of.


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In the wake of rising pollution, imbalanced diet and faulty lifestyle, people get to encounter with many health disorders and acne is one of the awful and common problems amongst them. Majority of people irrespective of age suffer from this problem. Usually, people try to get rid of acne by home remedies, which are not very effective.

In case of improper response from this, either they switch to very expensive treatments or consume medicines ending up with side-effects. But what happens then? They get short-lived relief by opting for these treatment regimens. However, the grind of acne remains because it is not rooted out. Ultimately, it’s not cured.

Now, TNW has come up with some efficacious ayurvedic products, which will give better results and eventually heals the acne unless it is caused due to a genetic disorder. There are several causes of its incidence as under:


  • Acne crops up due to hormonal changes in our body.
  • It also occurs due to excessive dry skin that which, if not treated properly, can lead to severe skin problems.
  •  Stress, infection or an imbalanced dietary regimen can lead to its head start.


More Information
Sizes 100 ML
How To Use • Use soap in the morning.
• Use face wash before sleeping.
• Use skinfix (Dtan & pigmentation pack) with our rose water and apply almond oil after removing skinfix anytime in a day for about 4-5 times in a week, if you feel the results reduce it to 3 times.
• Use oat cleanser 2-3 times a week.
• Apply neem oil only on acne scars. If you have sensitive skin mix neem oil with any carrier oil (coconut/almond oil)
• Apply anti acne powder only on active/ cystic acne 2-3 times in a day and followed by skinfix pack atleast once a day.

Note: Maintain gap of 4-5 hours between skinfix pack and oat cleanser or use on alternative days.

The ingredients of this kit has been mentioned in their respective product list.

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