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Almond is known for its vitalising characteristics as it houses various nutrients and multi-vitamins, which safeguards our hair and skin from damage and keeps it healthy. Understandably, TNW presents Almond Oil in its organic and natural form. This is infused with fatty acids, which reduces the dryness of hair & skin, flakiness on the scalp, and controls the hair fall. It also gives a moisturising effect to both skin and hair.

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How beneficial almond is for overall health and for hair and skin’s health, in particular, is known to all! However, unknowingly or due to the lack of affordability, if you have missed out relishing almond in your dietary regimen during ‘Childhood’ – the building block of life, you are at low health-wise! 

But no need to worry for something you have lacked as TNW presents Almond Oil to recuperate all those you missed during your childhood years either due to ignorance or innocence. This almond oil is absolutely natural and organic, which is pivotal in reducing hair fall, cleansing and purifying the skin from dirt, pollutants and tanning layered on it. 

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How To Use Hair: Gently massage the scalp by diluting two parts of almond oil and one part of coconut oil together. Allow it to settle for 4-5 hours, then cleanse with TNW’s herbal shampoo.

Face: Gently massage by taking 2-3 drops of almond oil in a circular motion every day before going to bed. Apply the oil after TNW’s face packs to settle down all the impurities.

Body: Gently massage with the almond oil all over the body to moisture and cleanse the skin.

  • Maintain healthy blood circulation amongst the elders and infants as well while giving a soothing massage to retain the stronger bones among the infants
  • This oil is infused with Vitamin E, which removes the dead cells from our skin.
  • TNW has fabricated Almond Oil aiming to restrict hair fall, cleanse the dirt and pollutants from the scalp and the skin.
  • The presence of Vitamin A in it prevents it from inflammation, ensuring an efficient resilience against the severe problem of acne.
  • If we use it after applying TNW’s special packs such as D-Tan Pack and Anti-Ageing Pack, it will act as a cleanser, providing our skin an extra glowing effect.
  • § This Almond Oil works wonders for those suffering from pigmentation, if they apply this before sleeping as it eases their skin

It is made with 100% Sweet Almond oil.

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